•  RN Nursing Care, Certified Nurse’s Aides
  •  Free Door-to-Door Transportation to Golden Heart
  •  Wellness Services
  •  Medical Transportation
  •  Rehabilitation Services – Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy
  •  Caregiver Support Groups
  •  Medication Management & Administration
  •  Social Services Provided by Licensed Social Worker
  •  Nutritious Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks)
  •  Close Communication & Coordination with Family & Doctors
  •  Activities, Entertainment, Exercise, Parties
  •  Referrals to Other Services
  •  Day Trips for Fun & Shopping
  •  Discharge Planning



Golden Heart strives to keep your loved one as healthy and independent as possible, for as long as possible. By carefully observing and interacting with our participants, our nurses and other staff can note any changes and speak with family caregivers and your health professionals as necessary, before a situation deteriorates. It is all about preventing negative changes and creating more positive changes, to enhance the quality of life, for your loved one and yourself.

1. PREVENTING FALLS:  Preventing falls related to vision, balance, osteoporosis, arthritis, cerebral palsy, stroke, Alzheimer’s, etc. is critical for us.  Assistance with mobility is important for most of our members. Everyone on our team keeps an alert eye open for fall prevention.

2. PREVENTING INSITUTIONALIZATION:  Keeping frail seniors and others at home with the support of loved ones rather than requiring placement in a very expensive nursing home or assisted living center is a primary goal for Golden Heart.

3. PREVENTING MORE HOSPITALIZATIONS: By monitoring nutrition and general health conditions, our nurses and other staff can communicate changes to family and health providers to prevent conditions from deteriorating.  For example, catching a urinary tract infection in the early stage prevents serious impact.   Knowing blood pressure is erratic or high helps prevent serious cardiac events.  Treating wounds with great care prevents serious infections. Constant medication management prevents drug interactions or events caused by failure to take meds.

4. PREVENTING OR REDUCING DEPRESSION:  The isolation that many physically, cognitively, or emotionally challenged individuals experience often leads to depression, which in turn can lead to poor nutrition, inactivity, falls, illnesses, etc.   The joyful interaction with other Golden Heart members and our staff–the music, entertainment, games, trips, exercise and activities– provide the stimulation and companionship to balance the times of isolation and boredom at home.

5. PREVENTING FINANCIAL CRISES:  By offering families health care and socialization solutions for their loved ones at a cost one fourth to one half the cost of a nursing home, we enable them to extend their limited resources and care for their relatives at home for as long as possible.


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