“Hello Nice People! Thank you for all you do for us! If we could, we’d leave a big basket of happiness on each of your doorsteps! Just to let you know we are thinking about you and wishing you all a beautiful Easter.”

“…We will really miss Golden Heart, truly a great facility. Director of Nursing does a wonderful job and is also a very caring person.”


“Golden Heart is tremendous! My mother goes five days a week and really likes socializing with others her age and the structured routine. She especially loves the outings.  It enables me to go to work, knowing she is well cared for. The head nurse, and others are great at communicating with me. Golden Heart really meets my needs and gives my mother fun times with lots of friends. ”


“I can’t say enough about the nurse. She is so loving and attentive.   I have two children attending.   When my daughter went to the hospital and then rehab, she returned to Golden Heart using a feeding tube. The nursing staff handled that perfectly and now she graduated to eating pureed foods. They feed her so patiently. They are all so accommodating, so concerned.   When I had to go to the hospital, they rearranged the schedules to meet my needs. I visit sometimes and see everyone having fun. My kids love the outings and the games and they are now eating well which is so important.”


“My son went to another program for 20 years. Since going to Golden Heart for the last two years, he has made real improvement in all areas. No comparison with the other program. I strongly recommend Golden Heart to others. The director of nursing, is marvelous, really outstanding. She is so sensitive to the clients’ needs. Hold onto her.”


“Thank you all for having me in your prayers while God was healing me so I can come back and enjoy you all.”

“I like to go every time. I love to play cards and bingo and go on trips. Going out to lunch is my favorite. I like to go to ShopRite too.”

“To my dear friends of Golden Heart,

I have grown very fond of from the start

Come to know some, still to know more, for sure.

This is a time of learning, of faith and of God’s love and more.

Let us board the journey on eagle’s wings and fly together.

Embrace the trials—good days—challenges too

Yes the good and bad weather.

I truly am grateful for staff here—giving me free roam of Activities items

To create with my gifted hands and mind

I thank my God for my gift of creativity in the writings.

Each of you are challenged. All of you—even me—and staff are a gift—a present-beautifully wrapped from God…”


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